About Us

 Established in 1998. Rapid Chemical target is regional service for specialty chemicals supply. Customers have come to rely on RAPID CHEMICAL spersonalized service style where each individual client enjoys dedicated attention to their unique needs. Be it engineering requirements, cost requirements, material performance, prompt deliveries or personalized services, Rapid Chemical's customer service stands out from the crowd. Our major product segment are:



-          LiONBOND® adhesives. Product include One part and Two part epoxy adhesives, Composite resin, Electronic-Electrical Casting and LED encapsulate resin.
-          Bondite® DIY AB glue. Inclue 90 minutes, 5 minutes and Metal type.
-          Rampf® board material series from RAMPF. Include Modeling board, Tooling board, Gelcoat, Backing materials.
-          HARVEST© Vacuum Casting Machine, Low-pressure Injection machine and Mixing tank.
-          Holdtite® adhesives. Include Anaerobic, Cyanoacrylate, UV curable, Macroplexx methacrylate, Activator and Primer.
-          DuPont© DryFilm lubricant and TraSys Release Agent.
-          STONER® industry mold release agent series.
In the future. We’ll serve in the field with professional and sincerely.