Product List

Product Main Concentrate Liquid base Suitable Substrate Pre-dry Condition Property & Application PDF
WTS-4289 Thermoset Polysiloxanes Water Rubber 132℃ / 5 Mins For rubber molding release. Such as tire, hose and shoe sole molding.
SI-13 Silicone Heptane All kind plastic such as PU, Epoxy, ABS, PC, PP Non For injection or casting polymer molding release.
FR-25i Polytetrafluoroethylene IPA All kind rubber 132℃ / 5 Mins For all kind rubber molding release. Such as golf ball, basketball and belt molding.
WTS-8189 Polytetrafluoroethylene Water Rubber & plastic 132℃ / 5 Mins Suitable for rubber and silicone rubber molding release.